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The Travelogues is a series of photos reconsidering the concept of exploration, and imperial conquest. I combine panoramic photographs I have taken while traveling over the last 5 years with close up photography of the female body. By doing this I internalise the documentation of my journeys, while reflecting on 18th and 19th Century travelogues, typically written by missionaries and explorers traversing Africa.
This series was made in collaboration with Alex MacNaughton.
In this series I was focusing on the compression of everyday labour on the human body, and playing with the intersection of the body and the labour it is performing. Each of the three images, presents labour that many Kenyans have to perform daily due to the lack of infrastructure in Kenya.
This series was created in collaboration with Tom Vandas

In November 2017 I was invited by Grafikens Hus to an Artist in Residence in Sweden. The project Framtidens Grafik aimed to expand the definition of printmaking and to open up the boundaries between printmaking and other art forms.

Swirled Ova

In the first piece,Swirled Ova I was experimenting with different mark-making techniques to interpret the biology of plants and flowers I had studied at the botanical gardens.

Eve: Alazarin vs Indigo

The second piece Eve: Alizarin vs Indigo was created using scans of original woodcut prints (Swirled Ova) which I then digitally manipulated, creating a new image. During the screen printing process I was experimenting with undoing the flatness of the silkscreen process, by mixing paint on the screen, hence Alizarin vs Indigo being part of the name. Because of this process, each print is unique as the colours are blended in a slightly different way each time.

Stripped Bell

In Stripped Bell the third piece, the design was drawn by hand digitally, but based on the mark- making that I had been doing in my woodcut process. As with the Eve series, I was experimenting with mixing colour directly on the surface of the screen. But in this series, I kept the first, second and third application of paint flat, and mixed colour during the final application which are the thin lines over the blue body of the image.

Spiked Sunburst

I enjoyed the physicality of cutting into the wood and creating patterns by mark-making in the fourth piece Spiked Sunburst. In the gradiated version I wanted to produce a gradient of colour from light to dark in one application.


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