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Our film celebrates Wangarī Maathai and it is part of an international media project I am developing titled #Echo. We are celebrating powerful #AfroFeminists #Activists sharing their message and histories between countries through artistic creation as a #Collective. 

This film was made with young artists during a three day workshop at Acervo da Laje in #Plataforma, Salvador-Bahia. We focused on Wangarī Maathai and the participants learned about her activism, her fight for human rights and the protection of the environment, and her recognition with the Nobel Peace Prize (amongst her many other awards.)

Wangarī’s vision included a sustainable Kenya with its citizens content and free from political persecution, its women liberated and unrestricted by archaic ideologies, its children hopeful for a better future as we work together in the present to create it.

Thank you to visionaries such as Wangarī Maathai who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much for their belief in our country.

Kenya is an independent republic, but our people are not yet free. We must continue to push forwards in the struggles of our foremothers and fathers.


Thank you #Salvador for sharing your #Bahiana heart with me. This is an incredible piece to return to Kenya with. It is made in response to the beautiful film we collectively made in Nairobi with E-Voices: Redressing Marginality at PAWA 254 celebrating Marielle Franco.

Thank you Goethe-Institut Salvador-Bahia for the incredible journey I have had in Brazil.

Original poetry by Marina Lima
Original music composed by Suyá Nascimento

Turn on English Subtitles if needed.

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